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The Best Sustainable Fashion Brands for Women in Australia

Sustainable Fashion Australia

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Congratulations! You’ve already made the first step in your sustainable fashion journey. If you’ve stumbled across this article because you are searching for sustainable clothing brands in Australia, then you will already be aware of the impact we are having on the planet and will actively be looking for ways to reduce your personal footprint. If not, and you want to find out more information on how the fashion industry is affecting the environment, then check out our blog on Fast Fashion: What is it and Why Should We Care?

In this article, we will delve into the convoluted world of sustainable fashion and disentangle what it actually means. Moreover, we’ll reveal some of the best eco-friendly and Australian-based clothing brands for women that are promoting a better future for the planet. 

What is Sustainability?

Whether it’s the monstrous oil spills, global warming, mass animal farming, the plastic fishing nets floating around in the ocean, or the bleaching of the coral reefs, it is clear that humans have had many detrimental effects on the environment. As a result of our current systems, we are threatening our future survival on Earth. Therefore, sustainability is the concept that we should adapt our behaviour and existing practices to cause little or no harm to the environment. This way we can preserve the planet on which we live and promote a healthy future for many generations to come.

Moreover, to ensure that we are protecting both the planet and its inhabitants, sustainability also encompasses social responsibility, meaning that people should also benefit in the long-term.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

sustainable fashion Australia

Unfortunately, fashion contributes 10% of the world’s carbon emissions, making it the second-biggest cause of industrial pollution. Synthetic polymers, such as virgin nylon, are significant culprits because lots of energy and raw materials like crude oil are used in the extraction and manufacturing processes. Sustainable fashion aims to create a new system that focuses on lowering human impact and even benefiting the environment. Additionally, it often involves brands being more socially responsible.

Three of the Best Sustainable Fashion Brands for Women in Australia

Without further ado, let us introduce you to some incredibly inspirational environmentally-conscious and socially sustainable fashion brands right here in Australia. Oh, and did we mention that all of these brands were founded by women?

Spell & The Gypsy Collective

If you’re looking for stunning bohemian dresses, lacy tops, and cute playsuits that are also eco-friendly, then Spell is the perfect brand for you. Based in Byron Bay, this company was founded by two Australian sisters who found inspiration for their clothes from their traveling hippy parents and Latvian refugee grandparents. Not only do they aim to be at the forefront of ethical practices, but they also strive to be one of the most inspiring and conscious fashion brands.

Their sustainability plan includes an incredibly detailed section on their website that describes their impact in measurable areas such as supply chain transparency, environmental footprint, sustainable fibers, social advocacy, circular economy, and giving back. Spell continues to improve its processes and, as a testament, was even awarded the 2019 Banksia Sustainability Award.

Beach Bums and Feels

When looking for a sustainable fashion brand it’s important to look out for companies that use eco-friendly fabrics and Beach Bums and Feels do just that! The brand’s eco-friendly swimwear collection is designed with the health of the ocean and our planet in mind. By using ECONYL, a sustainable fabric made out of recycled plastic, each bikini contributes to reducing waste. What’s more, because of the swimwear’s possibility to be infinitely recycled, it decreases the demand for crude oil extraction.

Saule founded Beach Bums and Feels after she traveled to India and Bali and witnessed the global impact of our plastic consumption. When she returned to Australia, she knew she had to do something immediately and decided to combine the two things she loved to create her sexy swimwear brand: sustainability and the ocean. As a leading ethical fashion company, Beach Bums and Feels is an advocate of clean, plastic-free oceans.

Farm To Hanger

This brand was designed with ethics and sustainable fashion in mind. The founder, Anna-Louise Howard, started Farm To Hanger after witnessing through her photography the environmental and social damage that had been caused by industrial pollution. Having first attempted (but failed) to find eco-friendly and ethical manufacturers and suppliers, Howard decided to start everything from scratch and is now building Australia’s first off-grid apparel factory.

Farm To Hanger is setting plenty of benchmarks within the fashion industry and its products are 100% Australian-made and biodegradable. Trees are planted for every item sold and each stage of the brand’s circular fashion process is transparent, traceable, and sustainable.

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