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Australian Swimwear Made From Recycled Plastic: Beach Bums & Feels

The Australian Swimwear Industry

Australian Swimwear Made From Recycled Plastic Beach Bums & Feels

When it comes to the Australian fashion industry, swimwear is one of the fastest-growing segments, and as such many awesome homegrown brands have started to pop up all over Australia.  

But it is not just Australia where swimwear is taking over the fashion industry, this is a global phenomenon! 

The swimwear market is booming, driven by a growing trend and interest in beach holidays, luxury seaside getaways and water leisure activities. 

In fact, the global swimwear market size was valued at a whopping $18.9 billion in 2018 and the market is projected to reach $24.3 billion value by 2024! 

But alongside such incredible growth, we must also take into careful consideration the effects it is having on our environment and more particularly our oceans. 

For example, did you know that over 8 millions tons of plastic end up in our oceans and seas every year!? Pretty incredible and sad right?

The fashion industry accounts for a significant proportion of that, which makes it even more important for the leading garment manufacturers and swimwear labels to take a stand, and do something to offset the detrimental effects they are having on our planet and oceans. The good news is there are some awesome swimwear brands out there doing just that, Beach Bums & Feels being one of the leading ethical swimwear brands in Australia and the UK.

But, first, let’s explore some swimwear labels that we love that use traditional materials, that although not yet adopting sustainable fabrics and eco-friendly manufacturing processes, we believe will look to in the future.

Best Australian Non-Sustainable Swimwear Labels

Australian and UK Sustainable beachwear brands

The reality is there are hundreds of pretty awesome Australian swimwear labels out there it all depends on what look you are after, what price you want to pay, and how much you want to stand out when strutting your stuff on the beach. We have decided to highlight our top favorite three Australian non-sustainable swimwear labels worth checking out this Summer:

  1. Tigerlily 

Tigerlily doesn’t just specialize in swimwear but also casual fashion garments and accessories. We wanted to make a special mention to this Australian swimwear brand though as we love their iconic patterns and striking pieces, their bold colors and unique designs. Certainly an iconic Australian swimwear brand to look out for in the future.

  1. Seafolly

Seafolly is certainly another iconic Australian swimwear brand with a range of high-quality swimwear in a broad range of styles, for all tastes and all sizes. Sexy, stylish, and just that little boutique, a brand that will go far no doubt.

  1. Bondi Bather

Bondi Bather is a bold and exciting beachwear brand based out of Australia. If you are looking for something funky and equally sexy then check out their range of swimwear and bikinis for a gorgeous summer look.


An Ethical & Sustainable Swimwear Brand: BB&F

So where does Beach Bums & Feels fit into this picture, as we would be silly not to showcase our own sexy, boutique, and glamorous Australian swimwear brand!

As you know here at beach bums we take a slightly different approach to how we manufacture our bikinis and even the materials we choose to fashion our iconic pieces. 

Unlike other brands in the market, we pride ourselves on being an ethical swimwear brand, an eco-friendly swimwear brand, and a sustainable swimwear brand. Yes, we are rather different from the rest!

But what makes Beach Bums & Feels different I hear you ask? 

Australian Ethical and Eco Clothing: A revolution

Here at Beach Bums all of our bikinis and beachwear are made from recycled ocean plastic, which means when you choose one of our fashion pieces for your beachwear wardrobe you will not only be looking incredibly sexy but also helping to save the planet. 

As a leading Australian swimwear brand we are proud to say that we put the planet before profits and we strive to help clean up our planet’s oceans and save this world one bikini at a time. 

So if you are conscious about global warming, environmental change and the general exploitation of our planet, our sustainable beachwear could be perfect for you.

We only ever use sustainable fabrics to fashion all of our pieces in our collections, which means all of our fashion pieces are eco-friendly and put the planet first.  

We would love you to join the Beach Bum tribe and join the sustainability revolution! 

But first I guess you would like to know exactly how our swimwear is made from recycled plastic? Well, you can learn more here in some of our previous discussion pieces here:

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Your choice, Our Future

Unfortunately, the world has reached a point where we cannot keep consuming as we have been throughout these last decades of indulgence. Fast fashion in many ways is dead and the fashion brands who are turning toward sustainability and taking an eco-friendly approach to design and manufacturing are those brands we should be looking towards for inspiration. 

So when looking to choose your next swimwear piece for your collection you may want to not only consider colour, size and style but think twice about how that piece was manufactured and what materials went into making it. 

In Australia alone there are some awesome leading sustainable fashion brands to look out for where you can be looking to make a difference through your purchase choices.

So come join the beach bum tribe today and check out our awesome range of sexy and sustainable beachwear and help us change this world one bikini at a time!


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